Linekong Entertainment Technology Co.,Ltd

We have been China's leading online game developer and publisher, in recent years we have become a mobile game company with focus on both game developing and game publishing.

We focus on the quality during the game development process, and we specifically develop mid-core and hard-core games which always require strong capabilities in game development, since the ultimate battle experience, significant background scenes, exquisite graphics, rich content and diverse gameplay shall be achieved. Mid-core and hard-core games have generally longer life cycle and higher monetization than others, besides, the recent mobile devices offer large touch screen with high resolution, so that the displayed graphic become more prominent, and all these new control technologies are particularly important for mid-core and hard-core game development. We believe that with our strong R&D and distribution experience of mid-core and hard-core games, we will be able to seize the huge market opportunity of mid-core and hard-core mobile games.

We publish self-developed games and games from 3rd-party developers for which we obtain the exclusive publishing rights (so called "in-licensed game"). We have a keen sense of sourcing the most popular game types, as well as a strict selection for in-licensed games which shall have similar quality as our self-developed titles and great potential for commercial success. We work closely with 3rd-party game developers and use our experience and practical knowledge of the market to improve the game's flow and rhythm, as well as monetization strategy.

Until the 31th of March 2014, we have launched fifteen online games, including nine self-developed games and six in-licensed games. Among these games, there are three mobile games, four browser games, seven client-based games and one double-ended game. All of them are managed by Linekong’s branding and operation teams in China, whether it is our self-developed game or in-licensed games.